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The disastrous "War On Drugs" creates many more victims, and wounds our society much more deeply, than drug use itself ever has or ever will.
Almost all drug-related crime is the direct result of drug prohibition.




"Those of us who know the truth [about marijuana] have a choiceless commitment to expose it. Our commitment runs as deep as our souls . . ."
Joan Bello, author of "The Benefits of Marijuana"


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m y   d r u g   w a r   s t o r y

m e d i c a l  m a r i j u a n a

p e r s o n a l   u s e

l e t t e r s,   e t c.

c o n t a c t   m e

o u r  f u t u r e

a b o u t   m e

p h o t o s

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Recreational use

I have been a "common pot smoker" for more than 50 years-most of my life. It's caused me some trouble a time or two, but only because it's illegal and shouldn't be.

During these past fifty years, I have met and known many people who share that opinion. Among these people there have indeed been a few who behaved badly/stupidly and drew attention to themselves. These are people I did not know well, but they are the ones who give the rest of us a tarnished name in many circles.

I've met pot smokers who are some of the finest people anyone could ever wish to know, from wealthy humanitarians to people who have next to nothing but are happy to share it. Every one of them lives by the Golden Rule. Serious crime is non-existent among these folks.

Compassion, generosity, responsibility, respect for others and trustworthiness are common qualities--of their children and grandchildren, too. I believe these are the kinds of people most of us think of as normal, although the argument could be made that they are a vanishing breed in today's society.

In my experience, we, the vast majority of otherwise-law-abiding cannabis users, are indistinguishable from most of our fellow citizens. There is no doubt in my mind that the world would be a far better--and safer--place if marijuana were legal.

Published in The Wichita Eagle 2/11/2009

Please see my personal use page for more information.

This is that part you don't really have to read, only it's in this column now, waiting for a couple more words but not any more.

Medical use

Because I know patients have ended their lives when their most effective medicine was seized and/or withheld by the federal government--even where state law allows a medical defense--and because I know many of them continue to suffer miserably because their most reliable relief is illegal under Federal Law, I have decided to attempt to establish a medical cannabis resource for every Kansas resident negatively affected under current law.

Because I know or know of many very ill people whose most effective relief from almost constant wretchedness has been attained only by the use of cannabis, and because the American Alliance for Medical Cannabis has named me Kansas director, I am devoting ALL of my time these days to developing the Kansas Medical Cannabis Network (http://medcankan.org). That means that this page will likely become even older news very soon.

In early February 2008, former Attorney General Robert T. Stephan said at a hearing before the Kansas Senate Health Care Strategies Committee, ". . . I find it almost unbelievable that our federal government continues to let its citizens suffer." He was putting it mildly. It is far beyond time for a reexamination of our marijuana laws, even if only to determine once and for all whether marijuana actually is good medicine.

Recent events seem to hint that the federal government might be showing some chinks in its armor where medical marijuana is concerned. To me, it looks like there's a good chance that our current economic woes could put an end to prohibition---of marijuana, at least. How ironic--they spend several decades, and many mountains of money waging their "war on (some) drugs," only to go broke in the end, becoming reliant on sales of formerly illicit drugs to keep the country running.

For more information on medical marijuana please see the Kansas Medical Cannabis Network.

"Marijuana smokers themselves must provide the energy and the resources to end marijuana prohibition; no one else is going to do this for us."
- - - - Author unknown
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