"the future isn't what it used to be"

I don't know who first said this, but it is becoming alarmingly clear that life as we have known it might soon give way to a very different reality. With our economy in shambles and hundreds of thousands of wage earners losing their jobs, it appears that this country is on the skids. Many other nations are struggling with similar issues.

There is also the frightening problem of climate change. Not only is it real, it appears to be accelerating. Other perils loom as well, none of them very pretty.

Mankind's addiction to fossil fuels and other nonrenewable resources has brought us to this perilous state of affairs. Critical shortages of water, food and other necessities seem inevitable. Our survival will likely depend upon our ability to radically change our lifestyles. We will need to share resources with one another; communal living will make more sense than ever before; and a return to locally-based economies will likely be our best chance of surviving.

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m e d i c a l  m a r i j u a n a

p e r s o n a l   u s e

l e t t e r s,   e t c.

c o n t a c t   m e

a b o u t   m e

p h o t o s

h o m e

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miscellaneous resources

These links are meant to provide helpful information on ways to cope with a new reality. Please send me your favorite alternative living links and I will post them here.



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"Those of us who know the truth [about marijuana] have a choiceless commitment to expose it. Our commitment runs as deep as our souls . . ."
Joan Bello, author of "The Benefits of Marijuana"
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