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At Kansas Mini Havanese, we pride ourselves,
in producing adorable, home-raised Havanese love puppies!
Our Havanese dogs are our pets, and treasured members of our family.
They live in our home and all puppies are born and raised in our family room.
Puppies receive lots of daily love and affection!
We love each one of the babies
and we do our best to insure that they find loving forever families
where they will be treasured and spoiled.
We encourage our puppy families to stay in touch.
We don't just sell you a puppy and run!
If you have questions, we are here to help you find answers.
It always warms our hearts and brings a smile to our face,
when we receive E-mails and pictures from one of our puppy families!

At Kansas Mini Havanese, we have been working
with the Havanese breed, since 2002.
We have worked very hard
to locate and purchase
healthy, quality purebred dogs
with outstanding personalities
and wonderful temperaments
that have just stayed small naturally.
We are in the beginning stages
of breeding our own lines
of mini and teenie tiny Havanese dogs.

We had our first litter of minis in 2004.
We had our first litter of teenie tiny pups in 2005.
We have been very pleased
with their health, personality and temperaments!

As far as health goes,
Our mini and teenie tiny pups and adults
have proved to be just as healthy, and just as wonderful,
as their regular size counterparts.

It is our belief, that the Havanese was originally a smaller dog.
and that it has gradually been bred up in size.
When the European sea merchants brought the Havanese to Cuba,
they gave them as gifts, to the wives of wealthy merchants,
to court trade favor with the merchants.
Writings tell of the little dogs being called "skirt dogs"
because the senoritas could hide them in the folds of their skirts.
They were the chosen pet of the wealthy.
When the wealthy would dress up on the weekends,
and promenade through the city squares, dressed in their finest,
you would see these little dogs, sitting on the ladies' knees.
Well, I don't know about you? But, I can't imagine too many wealthy ladies
dressed in their finest... with a 15-20 pound dog perched on their knee???

There are some people who feel that we are damaging the breed,
by breeding smaller Havanese dogs.
They complain that our mini and teenie tiny dogs don't meet AKC standards.
The regular size Havanese was not even recognized
by the AKC, as a breed, until 1996.
The Canadian Kennel Club recognized them in 2001.
We feel that their is plenty of room in our great big world for all three sizes!
The Havanese is such an awesome breed!
They are truly a wonderful dog!
We can't imagine our lives without them being an intregal part of our family!