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On August 6, 2008, A complaint was filed against us,
on a well-known consumer site
accusing us of being dishonest breeders.
Somehow this report was bumped to the top ten
in Google and then in other search engines.
The complaint was lodged by Penny Warren.
Penny has also tried to post negative complaints on our YouTube videos.
We have discussed the best way to deal with this attack against our charcter.
We felt the best way, was to bring it to the front, out in the open.
to present both sides to you .... our potential customers
and let you make your own decision.
We have nothing to hide and are not afraid to post this complaint on our website.
We feel that we have acted in honesty and with moral integrity
in all of our dealings with our customers.
This is Penny's complaint, that she has filed against us.

Our Havanese, who is considered by the breeder, Lynda Denson, as a "Teenie Tiny",
was born June 28, 2006. His name is Darby.
I flew to Kansas City International Airport on September 19, 2006
to pick up Darby from New Hampshire.
I missed many red flags,
one being Mrs. Denson does not allow you to come to her home to see the puppies!
She does not like you to ask questions and responds defensively when you do.
She intensely dislikes the AKC and registers her puppies with the APRI,
what she claims is the second largest registry in the U.S.
I have copies of emails from her where she is just plain rude and nasty.
She also charged $3,500 for Darby because he is "rare".
I was so in love with Darby just by his photos,
that I clearly chose to ignore the big red flags.
This was my first experience buying a pure bred puppy.
Two months after bringing Darby home, the day after Thanksgiving, 2006,
Darby became very ill. He was disoriented, could not walk, was falling down, etc.
The short story, after getting Darby to a hospital, then to our vet,
was that he had a liver shunt, which is deadly.
Mrs. Denson was cold and simply said that she would give us another dog if Darby died
and no refund. If we had not had the money to pay for Darby's surgery,
subsequent vet visits and medications, he would not be with us.
Our vet said this is what happens when breeders mess with Mother Nature,
by changing their size from standard to whatever size they choose
- in this case a "teenie tiny".
Darby is a wonderful dog but this breeder is not wonderful.
She breeds many Havanese out of her home
of the standard, mini and teenie tiny sizes.
I was not aware of irreputable breeders until this awful experience
and I urge anyone looking for a Havanese to NOT buy from this breeder,
do your homework and only purchase the standard size.
This was a painful, not to mention costly, experience.
We are very fortunate to have Darby because he is a wonderful dog
and is completely well now.
I cannot imagine life without him, nor can my husband.
We just wish I had never found Lynda Denson's website
and had been on the ball about the kind of breeder she is.
Her website says they have only healthy dogs
and as is also on her website and as she related to me,
she has never had an unhealthy puppy. BUYER BEWARE


I am Lynda Denson, the breeder who sold Darby to Penny Warren.
First of all, I want to say that we are thrilled to hear that Darby
is alive and well! We also loved Darby very much and it tore our hearts
apart to think that he was ill, or that he had possibly died.
We wish no ill or harm to Penny Warren and we hope that Penny and Darby
have a long and very happy and healthy life together!

Of all the puppies we have sold, that have actually left our home, and gone to their new families, I am only aware of one truly dissatisfied customer.
(Penny Warren)
We have been extremely pleased with the health of our dogs and our puppies!
We have worked very hard to establish our breeding program and have searched
round the world for Havanese dogs who were not runts of the litter,
but who were just naturally small and came from small parents and small grandparents.
We try so hard to raise healthy dogs,
and to treat our customers in a professional and courteous manner.
Our vets always comment on the wonderful health and temperaments of our
puppies! There are 2 sides to every story... and this is our side of the story.

Penny Warren bought Darby from us in 2006.
He was a gorgeous teenie tiny chocolate/white puppy.
He was one of my favorites, out of all the puppies that we have ever raised.
I really wanted to keep him, for breeding,
But I had no small puppies to breed him to at that time,
who were not too closely related to him for breeding...
Penny fell in love with his picture and wanted him so badly.
I agreed to sell him to her.

Once we received the deposit from her, she started talking to AKC breeders
who convinced her that any teenie tiny Havanese would be sick and unhealthy
and that we were just selling unhealthy runts.
She started calling practically every day with more questions and concerns
that she had received from AKC breeders.
We bagan to think that she would never be happy with any puppy,
because she would always be thinking that something was wrong with it...
so, we offered to give her deposit back, and we would keep Darby.
She said no... she was in love with Darby and she wanted to buy him.
Mrs Warren flew in to pick up Darby. I met her at the airport.
This saved her a 5 hour drive to pick up the puppy.
And, it is true, that for the safety of our family and our puppies,
we do not allow strangers to come to our home to look at puppies.
Our dogs are treasured family pets.
All puppies are born and raised in our family room.
We are not an impersonal kennel.
The puppies are an intregal part of our daily lives.
In today's world, it is unfortunately not safe
to invite total strangers into your home.
This is a way that dog thief rings use to steak out your home,
and come back to steal your dogs and anything else of value.
We often have baby puppies in our home.
Parvo is an airborn virus. People can bring it into your home on their shoes.
It is alive, well and flourishing in many pet stores.
Puppies are not fully protected against Parvo
until they have at least two sets of puppy shots.
Our friends used to let people come into their kennel to look at puppies.
Someone unintentionally brought Parvo in on their shoes...
They lost all of the puppies but one, out of 5 litters of pups!
There are many reasons we have this policy.
We do not make this rule to hide anything.
It is to keep our family and our dogs and puppies safe!

Penny was elated and thrilled with Darby...
She had nothing but positive things to say about him.
He was such an ADORABLE puppy.
Everyone who saw him fell instantly in love with him.
He was tiny and he had a wonderful personality!
Everything was wonderful for about 2 - 3 months,
and then I got this call from Penny, and she was very upset.
She had taken Darby to the park, where he had been romping and playing.
Everyone at the park, who saw him, was in love with him!
However, when Penny and Darby got home, Darby started getting sick
and Penny was very concerned and had taken him to the vet.
Penny said the vet thought that he might have a liver shunt,
and if so, he was probably going to die!
We were totally devestated.
We loved Darby too!
I tried to comfort Penny the best I could,
and I assured her that we would honor our contract with her.
I told her to send us a statement from the vet,
letting us know what was determined to be wrong with Darby,
and if it was congenital or hereditary we would definitely replace the puppy
with a puppy of like value.
I also asked her if she was sure he hadn't eaten some sort of plant
or something in the park that could have made him sick?
She had said that he was so full of life and had no signs of sickness
and this came on him suddenly after they returned from the park.
I asked if she was sure he didn't have low blood sugar...
and was possibly going into hypoglycemic shock?
She said that the vet was running tests
and she would get back to me when she knew anything definite.

We didn't hear from Mrs Warren for a day or two,
and then she called and said she had taken Darby to another vet
and he didn't think it was a liver shunt, but it might cost $3000-$5000 to treat.
I asked her what he said was wrong with the puppy.
She would not give us an answer.
She wanted us to pay the $3000-$5000 to fix her dog.
I reminded her that we still had not received anything from a vet
telling us what was wrong with Darby,
and I told her we had a fax machine, where she could fax the information to us.
There was still no offer to send us any vet information
telling us what was actually wrong with Darby.
Penny kept calling and telling us how sick Darby was
and how hard this was on her.
She kept insisting that we were going to pay the $3000-$5000 to make Darby well.
We loved Darby and we definitely wanted him well too!
We were truly sorry that Penny was having to go through these hard times with Darby.
We were also very worried about him!
However, If we were going to pay that kind of money to treat a dog,
we wanted something in writing from a vet,
showing what was actually wrong with the dog,
that it was truly genetic or hereditary,
and that the vet thought there was a good chance that the treatment would work
and that Darby would be a healthy, happy dog with a chance at a good life!
Also, if we were paying that kind of money to treat a dog,
over a long period of time, we would want the dog to be here with us,
where we could supervise his treatment,
and so that we would know WHAT we were paying for!
We still had no way of knowing WHAT was actually wrong with Darby.
Penny would give us no actual vet information, and we had no way of knowing
if this was truly a congenital/hereditary problem?
or if the dog had eaten something poisonous?
or what was actually wrong with him?
We did refuse to send any money... We had been given no verified information!

That is when Mrs Warren got really upset with us.
She called at all hours of the day and night telling us that we were horrible breeders
and accusing us of being a puppy mill and of breeding sick and inferior dogs.
She called us all sorts of negative names and accused us of all sorts of things
and she didn't believe anything we tried to tell her.
I finally had enough and I told her that I was extremely sorry
for what was happening with Darby, and that whether she believed it, or not,
we loved Darby too...and that we were willing to stand behind our contract 100%.
If Darby died, we would definitely be willing to replace him with a puppy
of like value, as the contract/guarantee stated...
but that until she was willing to send us a vet report,
letting us know what was actually wrong with Darby,
that there was nothing we could do to help her.
We finally asked her to not call back again,
until she was willing to send us a vet report,
showing what was wrong with Darby.
I suppose this is what she felt was rude...
We never heard from Mrs Warren again, until about a year later,
when she wrote an E-mail and asked us to take her name off of our E-mail list.

Since Mrs Warren never sent a vet report, showing anything wrong with Darby,
we assumed that it was NOT congenital or hereditary,
BUT, just to be on the safe side,
we did not ever breed those two dogs together again...
Even though they had produced GORGEOUS puppies
and there had been 2 chocolates in the litter.
Since we had not received any information as to what was actually wrong with Darby,
it was just not worth taking a chance, in case it was some sort of a liver shunt...
We were very sad about Darby and we often wondered about him?
whether he was alive? or if he had died?

Now, all of a sudden, over 2 years after they purchased Darby,
there is a posting from Mrs Warren on this Complaint Board, dated August 6, 2008 ????
Apparently, Darby is alive and is doing well, which is absolutely WONDERFUL!
but someone is doing everything they can do,
to try and damage our reputation as breeders.
The thing that is fishy about all of this,
is that as soon as this complaint showed up,
we received an E-mal from a blogging business,
telling us about this complaint against us,
and offering to repair our reputation by doing a massive blogging campaign.
They could fix everything and make it right for only $599 a month!
They would write a lot of good things about us,
that would force the bad things back to the bottom of the list,
and our reputation would be repaired.
My thought is... If they are so good at blogging...
are they the ones that dug up this old blog and posted it as a new report?
Were they hoping to extort money from us monthly?
Did Mrs Warren hire them to try to damage our reputation?
and they then turned around and tried to get us to hire them
to fix our reputation? We have no way of knowing...
but, after prayer about how to proceed,
We felt that the only option we have is to post our side of the story...
and to hope that all of the wonderful references on our website
will speak for themselves. Our puppies are beautiful and healthy
and we have MANY satisfied customers in over 38 different states and in Canada.
If we were truly such bad breeders, as what Mrs Warren makes us out to be,
then surely there would be a LOT more bad reports about us out on the internet?
If you were considering buying a puppy from us,
but have been put off because of this one bad report...
then all we ask is that you look at the puppies on our website...
and you look at the references on our website...
and let your heart be your judge.
We have tried very hard to build a good reputation.
We will trust in the Lord, to let truth prevail in this matter.

Lynda Denson
Kansas Mini Havanese

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